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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about FORTULUZ

FORTULUZ is the new electricity supplier for the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands.

  • Electricity for every household and business (up to 15 kW).
  • Personalized electricity tariffs that adapt to the needs of every consumer.
  • Electricity at the best prices on the market.
  • Personalized client attention.
  • Online billing.
  • Multi-lingual web platform.

A part of the ENSTROGA Group, a leading energy group in the European energy sector.

How experienced is FORTULUZ?


FORTULUZ is part of the ENSTROGA Group, an electricity and gas supplier with a long history and with subsidiaries in different European countries (Germany, Austria, Holland, UK and Spain).

FORTULUZ is a professional and reliable partner for your electricity billing.


How can I become a FORTULUZ customer?


Switch to FORTULUZ is free, easy and fast:

1. Calculate the price of light for your supply in our online calculator.

2. Choose the most convenient tariff and adapted to your consumption.

3. Fill out the online form and we will take care of the entire process of change.

Switching to FORTULUZ
What do I need to be a FORTULUZ customer?


You need your CUPS (Meter Point Administration Number).

  • This is the unique number assigned to the property, which you will find on your last invoice. If you do not have a CUPS yet, please contact the network operator in your region. The operator will assign you a number and carry out the installation.


Why should I switch to FORTULUZ?


FORTULUZ offer customized and competitive rates that help you save on electricity bills.

  • Everything is handled online, including your online billing and questions about your electricity usage.
  • We offer a web portal in different languages: Spanish, English, German and Catalan.
  • At FORTULUZ we take care of our customers, offering the best personalized service



How does the move to FORTULUZ work?


Switch to FORTULUZ is done in 3 simple steps:

  • Once you have completed and sent the online order form, we will arrange everything else.
  • The switch is free of charge and usually takes no more than three weeks.

In the meantime you will continue to receive electricity.


What is market liberalization?
What does liberalization of electricity market mean?


Since the liberalization of the Spanish electricity market on 1 July 2009 consumers can freely choose their electricity supplier. This allows customers to finally choose a personalized and customized tariff that suits their needs.

Energy suppliers
Can I choose my own distributor?


Every region has its own assigned distributor.

  • The first four numbers of your CUPS stand for the distributor that is supplying your household.
  • The distributor is in charge of all maintenance to the electrical installation.
  • The distributor reads your meter readings and sends it to your electricity supplier, which is in charge of providing your electricity bill. 


Switching electricity provider
Could I be without electricity during the switch process?


Switching electricity supplier is never a reason for an interruption in your electricity supply.

  • The maintenance and provision of your electricity is the responsibility of your distributor.  In any case, if you have any queries, please contact our client attention team and we will be happy to help. 


What happens if the switch is rejected?


FORTULUZ will contact you to keep you regularly updated and deal with the issue.


  • In exceptional cases your current supplier could reject the switch for different reasons (an error in your personal details, problems with the CUPS number, billing issues, etc.).


  • If you have signed a permanency clause, your current supplier may charge you a maximum of 5% of the cost of your calculated consumption up to the end of the year of the contract. However, you can still switch in these circumstances. 


Who can change their electricity supplier?


Every consumer can select and change electricity supplier to FORTULUZ.

  • Homeowners and renters can switch to FORTULUZ 
  • Both private houses and retail spaces can switch to FORTULUZ.

You will need your most recent electricity bill to locate CUPS number as well as the details of the signee of the previous contract.

Currently, FORTULUZ tariffs are directed to private clients with 2.0A and 2.1A tariffs.


What happens after the switch?


You can sit back and enjoy your electricity from FORTULUZ.

As soon as your switch is confirmed, FORTULUZ will be your electricity supplier. Once the switch is made, FORTULUZ will send you a contract to sign.

You will need to send it back to us signed and scanned by email or post. 



Electricity tariffs
Which electricity tariffs offers FORTULUZ ?


At FORTULUZ we offer you the freedom to control your electricity tariff with fixed and variable rates depending on the power and energy you need.


FlexiLuz: pay a rate based on your actual consumption, according to your meter readings.


FijoLuz:  pay a fixed monthly price with no surprises throughout the year. We will refund the money paid over after the end of the contract or year.


How can I discover my access tariff?


It appears at the top of the electricity bill with your current energy supplier, under the section “Tarifa de Accesso” (Access tariff)


  • 2.0A: up to 10kW of electricity power (most homes)


  • 2.1A: + 10kW & up 15kW of electricity power



Electricity power
How do I know how much electricity power I need?


Electrical power is measured in kilowatts (kW).

The price of your electricity bill varies according to the amount of power contracted.


To calculate the electricity power you need to know:

  • The number of people who are consuming the electricity from the supply at the same time
  • The number of electrical devices connecting at the same time 
  • FORTULUZ offers an energy output of 2.3 to 15 kW.


Electrical power ideal for:

  • Electricity supply 50m2, 1 or 2 persons without air conditioning: 2,3 kW
  • Electricity supply 60m2, 2 or 3 persons without air conditioning: 3.45 kW
  • Electricity supply 90m2, with air conditioning: 4.6 kW.
  • Electricity supply +90m2, high consumption of electrical appliances: 6 kW.


Contracting electricity
What does it cost to switch to FORTULUZ?


A. Customers without energy:

If you don't have energy yet and want to connect a supply point, we will not charge anything. However the distributor (through our bill) will charge these services as follows:

  • Access rights:     19,70 € for every kW applied for.
  • Extension rights: 17,37 € for every kW applied for (*)
  • Rights connection: 9,04 € por actuación.
  • Deposit: fixed, depending on each client.

For example: if you would like to begin a new supply with 4,6 kW power, the installation costs will be included in your first bill.


B. Customers with a contract from another supplier or with a new meter.

In this case, you are only changing supplier and there is no cost.

You only have to fill out our online form and we'll take care of everything.