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Welcome to electricity savings with FORTULUZ!

Promotional code: FRIENDSPROMO

Switch to FORTULUZ now and get 25 €.

And if you bring your friends, we’ll give you 25 € more for each one that switches to FORTULUZ.

Save and win! < Until September 1st 2017 Only >

* Promotion not valid for FijoLuz rates.

Terms & Conditions of the promotion "FRIENDSPROMO" from FORTULUZ

To participate in the "PFRIENDSPROMO" promotion of FORTULUZ it will be necessary to accept in full the following conditions.

If you are already a FORTULUZ customer:

  • We will pay you a bonus of 25EUR for each friend who signs up to FORTULUZ through your email. This bonus will be paid in the form of a discount on your next bill. Your friends should enter your email, the same that you gave us as a means to communicate with you, in the space "promotional code", enabled for it on our website.

If you are not yet a FORTULUZ customer:

  • We will pay you a bonus of 25EUR for registering with FORTULUZ. This bonus will be paid in the form of a discount on your next bill. During the registration process you must enter the word "FRIENDSPROMO" in the space: "promotional code".
  • Once you are registered as an active customer, that is, once you have finished the process that FORTULUZ has enabled for this purpose, you can benefit from the advantages of being a customer and the gratification for each friend you bring. Check the rules in the section if you are already a client of FORTULUZ.

This payment will be made as long as the contract signed with the customer and the new customer is current and there are no outstanding invoices or other contractual breaches.

A ‘new customer’ will be considered to be any supply point that has been effectively and actively discharged and has not been effectively discharged within the last 12 months. For the purposes of this promotion, new customers will be considered to make the change once the promotion has begun.

FORTULUZ will not accept any request that is sent by any means other than the one specifically authorized for that purpose in the process of registration of the website

That includes any requests made via email, telephone or through any of the usual channels of customer service or the like.

The payment of the bonus will be made in the case of effective and active contractual fees, which means that the new client, once accepted as such by FORTULUZ, must meet all the solvency requirements and any others that at all times will be only as defined by FORTULUZ.

Customers are informed here and are aware that between the dates of application for discharge and the effective discharge can be a period of time that may vary and FORTULUZ is not responsible. In no cases will the mere passage of time generate any additional gratification and / or interest to your benefit

FORTULUZ will proceed to the payment of the bonus along with the first invoice in case of new clients. In the case of existing customers, they will be automatically rewarded for all the friends they bring, provided they are up to date with their payments to FORTULUZ and there is no other breach of contract. Both gratuities will be paid as a discount on the respective billings. In the event that a customer brings several friends, FORTULUZ can decide if the amount to be paid, in case the amount to be paid is higher than the invoiced consumption of the point of supply, is apportioned in various invoices over the duration of the contract.

For the resolution of any discrepancy in relation to the application of this promotion, please refer to the Ordinary Courts of Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The rest of the conditions, including in relation to data protection, can be found on the website, and must be considered in their totality.

Promotion valid until September 01, 2017.